Dataset: /thredds/ncss/ ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 2012-01-01T00:00:00Z

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Variables with available Times: 1.325376E9 1.3280544E9 1.33056E9 1.3332384E9 1.3358304E9 1.3385088E9 1.3411008E9 1.3437792E9 1.3464576E9 1.3490496E9 1.351728E9 1.35432E9 1.3569984E9 1.3596768E9 1.362096E9 1.3700448E9 1.3726368E9 1.3753152E9 1.3779936E9 1.3805856E9 1.383264E9 1.385856E9 1.3885344E9 1.3912128E9 1.393632E9 1.3963104E9 1.3989024E9 1.4015808E9 1.4041728E9 1.4068512E9 1.4095296E9 1.4121216E9 1.4148E9 1.417392E9 1.4200704E9 1.4227488E9 1.425168E9 1.4278464E9 1.4304384E9 1.4331168E9 1.4357088E9 1.4383872E9 1.4410656E9 1.4436576E9 1.446336E9 1.448928E9 1.4516064E9 1.4542848E9 1.4567904E9 1.4594688E9 1.4620608E9 1.4647392E9 1.4673312E9 1.4700096E9 1.472688E9 1.47528E9 1.4779584E9 1.4805504E9 1.4832288E9 1.4859072E9 1.4883264E9 1.4910048E9 1.4935968E9 1.4962752E9 1.4988672E9 1.5015456E9 1.504224E9 1.506816E9 1.5094944E9 1.5120864E9 1.5147648E9 1.5174432E9 1.5198624E9 1.5225408E9 1.5251328E9 1.5278112E9 1.5304032E9 1.5330816E9 1.53576E9 1.538352E9 1.5410304E9 1.5436224E9 1.5463008E9 1.5489792E9 1.5513984E9 1.5540768E9 1.5566688E9 1.5593472E9 1.5619392E9 1.5646176E9 1.567296E9 1.569888E9 1.5725664E9 1.5751584E9 1.579176E9 1.581768E9 1.58436E9 1.5869952E9 seconds since 1970-01-01

n_obs = number_of_observations
u_max = maximum eastward surface velocity
u_mean = mean eastward surface velocity
u_min = minimum eastward surface velocity
u_var = eastward surface velocity variance
v_max = maximum northward surface velocity
v_mean = mean northward surface velocity
v_min = minimum northward surface velocity
v_var = northward surface velocity variance

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